2021 2nd International Conference on Energy、Environment and Bioengineering (ICEEB 2021)
Prof. Hossein Ganjidoust


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Water scarcity is an important issue in most of the countries, especially located in a dry and semi-dry area. Many provinces in Iran are ones that will face to water shortages in future. This is not only due to the low rates of precipitation received, but also because of the increase in demand on water resources for municipal, agricultural and industrial uses. For reduction of water consumption, many research works have been carried out. Wastewater reuse has proven to be effective and successful in creating a new reliable water supply. Great attention in using the right amount of water necessary to consume and minimizing the production of wastewater will resulted in saving energy that has lots of benefits. In this paper some industries were chosen to measure the possibilities of decrease in water consumption and reduction in wastewater production. The management system implemented in the companies resulted in up to 50% save in water in addition to reduction in materials used for the production. Recover of useful materials from the wastewater, recycle and reuse of wastewater in the plant and overall of large amount of wastewater which was minimized have been resulted in the companies. Energy reduction in such companies is finally discussed.