2021 2nd International Conference on Energy、Environment and Bioengineering (ICEEB 2021)
A. Prof.A.Muhyiddine Jradi


Speech title:

Continuous commissioning for highly-energy efficient future buildings


One of the main challenges facing the building sector nowadays is the reported mismatch between the predicted and the actual performance throughout the building operational phase. This mismatch is referred to as the ‘building performance gap’. In this regard, the need for a systematic continuous commissioning framework to monitor, assess and evaluate the buildings performance is vital to bridge the performance gaps. In this talk, ObepME, an innovative framework for online building energy performance monitoring and evaluation is presented, considering a list of performance tests addressing building subsystems. The framework relies on two major pillars, actual data collected from the building site, and calibrated energy model simulations to serve as a dynamic baseline for comparison and evaluation. The framework design, development and implementation in a highly energy efficient building is presented, and findings from the initial stages of implementing the framework are highlighted considering the energy systems operation and indoor comfort perspectives.